Hay day: Game guide to play and hidden tricks to earn game currency


Hay day is an international game developed by Supercell. Supercell is famous for the two most popular games which are ‘Clash of clash’ and second is ‘Hay day.’ Hay day is a Farming game; in the framer grow his farm with all necessary resources. In the game, resources and currency are the most vital things. Diamonds and coins are the currency of this game. Diamonds are essential because they can finish anything instantly and rapidly. But diamonds are very rare and earn very hard. But Hay Day Hack can provide unlimited diamonds in-game.

Hay day tricks & tips

·         Diamonds are rare, use them wisely – At the beginning of the game, Supercell provides only 30 gems to use. But at begin of the game at time of tutorial they let you use one or two gems. But the diamonds are rare, so I prefer do not use it until you collect a lot of them. Let your crops upgrade in a genuine way with using diamonds.

·         Expend the production factories – Each production factory is different from others. Some are milk mill, and some are feed mill. These production mills are a great way to earn, and farmer can sell milk and products after making things from factories. After update those mills it will increase its working speed.

Link with Facebook to get Diamonds – It is also an easy way to earn diamonds. Otherwise, the Hay Day Hack is a right way to achieve diamonds. Link facebook accounts with Hay day ID. You can save your achievement with facebook. After the link with facebook account, you will allow playing with your facebook friends.

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How to Enhance Your Gaming Experience in Hill Climb 2?


In Hill Climb Racing 2, gamers have only one motive to unlock more and more amazing cars so that they can easily earn a good amount of resources. This game is available on two platforms, namely, Android and iOS devices, because it runs very smoothly or without getting hanged.

What’s more, if you want to unlock new vehicles without investing your real or virtual money, then you should try hill climb racing 2 hack 2019. One thing also worth mentioning here, be carefully driving on bridges, mountains so that you can’t spoil the game.

Useful Tips and Tricks!

Before starting your journey, you need to know about tips that fully help you on the way. Let’s discuss some points in lateral paragraphs.

1. Use Fuel Carefully in The Adventure Mode!

As soon as unlock new levels then your task may be very challenging so be carefully use your fuel otherwise you may out from the Game. Before you start the journey, then you need to check the fuel so that you will earn a good amount of coins and gems.

2. To Know about Ranked Mode!

As soon as your ranking increase, then you can receive some exclusive rewards and bonuses in the form of vehicles and resources. With the help of hill climb racing 2 hack 2019 you can make everything easier than before without spending anything.

The Final Words!

To recapitulate, hope that you understand all the points as mentioned earlier that help the gamers to make quick progress in the game. Players also have to know by making the use of cheats and hacks so that they can get every item.  

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SimCity Buildit – essential factors to know about

There is no doubt in the fact that EA is always offering some of the best games from a long time and the main reason this factor is awesome graphics and unique gameplay. There are lots of games developed by these studios and most of them are popular worldwide. Simcity Buildit is one of the popular developments from EA offered over IOS and Android platform for free of cost. This is a freeware, however, Users are able to spend money and get whatever they want in the game. It is way easier that many of you thinking about it.  You just need to focus on the earning methods and try to keep the sims happy. The better you go the more you keep them happy.

How To Keep Sims Happy?

As the mayor work is to keep the people happy by fulfilling basic needs like opening schools, parks and making roads. Well, the same is with simcity Buildit. You need to build roads and make some of the important as well common buildings. There is also need of building a powerhouse so that you can supply electricity to whole city. There is also an option to purchase the energy from other towns which can help in many ways. Try to go slow in beginning to learn every aspect and understand whatever the game want to say. Purchasing electricity may be expensive but it is going to keep your town away from pollution issues. It is important thing that is going to attract more people.

Build Transport And Other Important Things

The transportation plays the vital role in attracting more people to city and you can easily attract more by making the city better. The first thing is transportation playing an important role in maintaining the population of sims. Basically, you can try out building roads, bus stops and other methods of transportation. While thinking about airport, make sure do your city really need it. There are lots of people who end up building airport too earlier than the requirement that’s why such people must think about other vital factors. In hope of airport, they can end up spending Simoleons and Simcash without any need. The other important factor everyone should focus is parks, schools and trading centers because these are going to help you in earning more resources by keeping the skims happy in town.

Earn Simcash and Simoleons

You have two currencies in the game, first one is Simoleons and the second is Simcash. Both can be earned by various ways but the main source of mayor income is tax charged to sims. Well, if you are keeping the sims happy then they will love to stay in the town and pay the tax doesn’t matter how much you are charging to them. The financial manager offered is able to help in charging the amount of tax but it can be troublesome as you can end up too much tax if consider whatever your mind says. Think before asking for the extra amount on tax because the sims will start moving to other cities and leave it. In such conditions, you need to reduce the tax and get the population back slowly again. The other best alternative is to focus on trading because it can provide golden keys too. Well, it is able to give you a great help in the game that’s why you must focus on getting it.

Using Generator Tool

You can easily find so many generator tools with the name Simcity Buildit hack 2019 or cheats but if you want to use the right tool then consider features and reviews. Basically, these two factors are going to help in choosing the right one with ease. Most of people focus on these factors while using generator tool and you can also relies on these due to number of benefits. The features you should look for are –

•             Anti-ban and proxy because these are able to keep you safe and secure.

•             Must check is there any need of root or jailbreak if yes then avoid that tool

•             Don’t download any program. Use server-based programs for resources

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Castle Clash – Meet with 2 Forms of In-Game Currency!

Currency as you know is present in all games whether they are of any category. Therefore, in Castle Clash also the currency is present in two basic forms named gold and gems. The same game indulges under the gaming category of strategy based game and its size is almost 19 MB.

One classic thing that all individuals should know is that they directly add an unlimited amount of currency in both forms by applying Castle Clash Hack. With it they not only get currency, but also become able to unlock any hero which they want and get all things easily without putting efforts in Castle Clash.

2 types of currency

Here you are going to meet with the best or main types of in-game currency which are necessary for the gamers to earn in huge amount.

1.       Gold – It is used for performing various significant tasks and activities in Castle Clash. Such as it is used for upgrading their characters and heroes.

2.       Gems – Another major type of currency is present in the form of gems which is used for unlocking various new heroes and for participating in challenges or events.

So, these are the 2 main types of currency which are present in Castle Clash and earning together them in good amount is good for the users.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, gamers earn currency in both types and rewards also by connecting the game with their Facebook account. Also, they earn currency is earned by making the use of Castle Clash Hack and cheats.

The same method is the best and easiest one among all to earn currency in good amount without making enough efforts in Castle Clash. So, in order to get quick currency, you have to make proper use of hacks and cheats.

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A good commander is generous and indifferent with distinction


Are you ready for the war? Then play this game to protect your own kingdom from your enemy, the beautiful thing is that you can travel all over the world to your desired land if you win the game. This game is for multiple players which makes urges us to be busy leaving all the work pressure, only when you know the Guns Of Glory Cheats can easily attack your opponent. As it is the game for multiple players you can join friends to build and protect your kingdom from the enemy. Only by learning the tricks of the game you can easily win the game, the simple tricks used to win this game will be given in detail in the next heading.

Tips to hack opponent

Ø  Give importance to your priority to win the game because most of will only be excited to attack the opponent team, before that you should check the availability of your own mission with good force of army, best guns, safety ideas and tricks to defeat the opponent is most important.

Ø  The active alliance must be selected to build your kingdom and to support the remaining team members, having alliance will help you in the best way. If your present alliance is not active you can keep changing your alliance often to get the perfect one to guide your team.

Ø  When you build something is careful as you should spend double the points you earned if you waste it by building wrong ones, because you will have to pay the coins in return in order to rebuild the kingdom.

Ø  The talent points is important but you can invest 5- 10 points in the beginning to build a strong team to defeat the opponent, as it is divided into three types of groups such as economy, balance and war.

Ø  When you have less points you can start to hunt for the necessary resources for your kingdom, if you have well trained army force, good skilled people with strong battle you can directly jump into the war.

Ø  They offer rewards in free of cost for that you must be available in online every day to unlock your rewards, when your opponent is not online you can continuously attack his kingdom to get more points and raid other useful accessories.

Ø  The troops in your team but be well trained as one of the strongest team which should be ready for the war with any kind of people, for that you must regularly upgrade your airship before getting in to war so as to win the battle in ease. 

How to unlock new level?                     

So as to unlock the next level in a simple method to get extra units, items and new forced guns to attack your opponent use the best way by using Guns Of Glory Cheats which easily helps you to move to the next level. By this you can add lots of fun to the game, you can avoid unwanted ads which irritates the screen but when you watch ads it provides extra power, many exciting offers and highly beneficial where you get things in free of cost in addition with special gifts, it is safe to watch as the ads do not disturb the performance of your mobile phone.

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Vital Types of Currencies in Garena Free Fire

In today’s busy world everyone is looking the best platform for avoiding stress and tiredness. If you also one of them then you should try the game. There are several kinds of games available on the game stores, but Garena Free Fire is best one. It is an open action survival world where you can play with friends and worldwide players. This game is containing with different types of amazing battles and challenges.  It is also known as an superb source of utilizing spare time. Here a chat option is also available which will allow you to talk with players.

In game Currencies-

Here the company will provide two kinds of currencies for performing different activities. It means if you want to do purchase and upgrade relate tasks then currencies are required.  Always spend it wisely because it is not easy to gain. If you want to avoid all tension related with currencies, then you should choice Garena Free Fire Diamond Hack because via the help of it you can quickly generate unlimited currencies.

1.    Diamonds

2.    Coins

These both are different types of currencies, and each is helpful for various tasks and work.

1.       Diamonds- It is a first and premium kind of currency for doing premium tasks. In the game shop, lots of premium packs and resources are present. For unlocking those kinds of elements, you need enough amounts of diamonds. It is also useful to unlock new avatar and give a unique look with some attractive outfits. You can easily obtain diamonds via taking part into battles and kill the enemies.

2.       Coins- Here it plays a crucial role as the primary currencies. It is mostly useful for doing purchase related tasks. It means if you want to buy and boosters and other resources then coins are must be required. You can also boost the avatar skills and enchase winning chances from coins. As per the diamonds, this is also not easy to gain but via completing the challenges and daily rewards you can make it possible.

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Garena Free Fire- Enchase your knowledge now!


 On the play store and app store hardly some games are present which have lots of benefits. Here the multi-benefits mean playing the game and also get extra benefits. In this addition, you should install Garena Free Fire where you can receive these all benefits. It is an open action platform where you can do unlimited fun with friends and worldwide players. The game is released with the easiest control and different languages which make it a comfortable platform for every nation and country people. On the store, it will get 4.4 rating stars out of 5 stars.

Why login with a social site?

In the Garena Free Fire when you log in then you have two options are present on the main screen. From those options first one is playing as a guest, and other is log in with social site. From those all options, you should always choose the second options because it is useful to unlock the different options and features. So today we are going to give you detail about the benefits of a connecting game with social site. If you want to know then check out all detail here.

Achieve some rewards-

It is a first and superb facility which is provided by the company. When you login first time then lots of rewards credited in your account. You can also make it possible with the help of Garena Free Fire Cheats. Here you can quickly generate countless chances to earn unlimited resources.

Unlock some features-

As per you connect the game with Facebook with the two kinds of features are unlocked automatically. Those features make it an superb platform all over the world.

1.       Play with friends- It is an outstanding feature which is unlocked automatically. from the help of it, you can easily take part in battles with friends and relatives.

2.       Autosave- With the help of this feature you do not need to save data on a daily basis and also provide safety to your data.

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Township as an excellent strategy game! Few things shared in the article about the gameplay

If you like to play some strategy and building, then download the Township into your mobile phone. The game is free, and it is readily available on the Google and ios platforms. The Playrix Company releases the game. However, you can also download this game from other gaming sites. Apart from downloading the game, you also need some help in the early stages of the game, and for this get the Township cheats to handle things in the game more smartly.

Through this, I am going to try some useful aspects of the game, which may assist in playing the game far better than as an amateur.

Jewelry store

There is a jewelry store available in the town of the game. You generally find that many helicopters are flying over the jewelry shop, who asked for to give the jewelry in the game. However, the demand for the gems and jewelry is quite low, and it is only the mafia guy who sits in the helicopter generally asks to get the silver.

Make early developments

It is advisable to make rapid developments in the game. It is better to expand the town as early as possible. Rapid expansion in the city will provide extra rewards and prizes in the game. It also brings vital progress in the game. Township cheats are quite helpful to make the early expansion of town without many efforts in the game.

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Hidden Fact About The Archero Has Been Revealed!

Coins and gems both are really useful currencies of the Archero game. By using the coins you can upgrade the equipment and along with the gems, players can get reviving. If you understand the use of Archero Cheats then you must know its 100% genuine outcomes. This would be really supportive for you to earning the currencies. It is possible to open the chests in the game. In this article, you will read some of the most vital aspects related to the game.

The best skill you always need to have on deck

There are three different kinds of skill pop up when a player upgrade its level. In this situation the get chance to choose one temporary skill that can help its archer while reminds of their recent stage run. No doubt, there is a set of abilities which players should choose whether there is not situation at the hand, but you must pay attention on the skill that are 20 in numbers.

In addition to this, power-ups every time that would be best for you to earning the currencies. Along with the use of Archero Cheats, players are able to grab desired amount of currencies with ease. You must check out the reviews online for grab more tips and tricks online.

Level-up the equipment

If you are going to open the chests then it would be really useful for you to unlock the equipment. Therefore, spend the coins on the equipment that would best for you.


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3 Suitable Ways to Get More Currency in Assassins Creed Rebellion

Youths are passionate about mobile games, and in recent time, one of the top viral games is the Assassins Creed Rebellion. It is all about RPG based missions, and you will get achievements by completing some missions. In which you will get numbers of heroes, and they all are well skilled for upcoming challenges. The game is for android and IOS device, and you can also play it on the tablet. Coins, helix, and DNA fragments are impressive currencies in it. They all are for customizing and upgrading various things.

The high amount of it is best for unlocking many locked items, and we can also expand our playing by adding it. Most of the players are going with some smart tools like Assassins Creed Rebellion Cheats, and it is a safe way for currency.  Here we are sharing handy ways of collecting a high amount of currency.

Participate in events

Lots of live events are placed in the game, and we can join them for many benefits. In which the players have to smash some small quiz for leveling up. The helix credits and coins are getting by such events, and you have to complete events in limited time.

Daily challenges

In the game, daily challenges are fine for currency collections, and the free currency is most concerning aspects.  For that, you have to login daily on the game and spend some time on different tasks.

By watching ads

We should watch some promotional ads along with play. The players have to see the ads till the end and get the link to redeem the high amount of currency.

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