Boxing star- Learn everything about Gears

Now day’s games are the essential part of every human life to avoid the stress and tiredness. Lots of enjoyable games are available in the market to avoid stress. In all game, the boxing star is one of the best game. In the game, many activities are available which makes the game fabulous. The game is full fill from enjoying and missions. So today we talk an essential thing in the game Gears.

What is Gears-?

The Gears are the essential part to improve character’s HP you can try Boxing Star Hack. It means if you want to enhance your HP in the game then gears are required. The HP increases with the help of gears, gloves, and protective. For active the gears go to the menu and select the gear option. Then you select the gear which you want to upgrade and touch on equip button and choose a slot. Via this method, you are able to activate the gears.

Methods for gaining Gears-

In the game, many kinds of methods are available to obtain the gears. The first one and easiest way are playing the story mode. It means when you play the story mode then you will get the gears as the rewards. The league mode is also the best way to earn the gears. When you complete the mission or beat the enemies, then you will get the gears as the gift. The packages are also the best path to earn free coins and gears. Sometimes you will receive the gears as the rewards. These are all the best ways to get free gears.

Tips to upgrade the gears-

You can also update the gears in it. For improving the gears tap on the menu screen and equip the item you want to upgrade and touch on the upgrade button. Always select the low-quality items because things will be removed after upgrade. So it is the best way to upgrade the gears and improve the performance. You can also equip sponsor items and active a passive skill. So always upgrade the gears are necessary for the game.

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