Few tips and tricks about the Bit Heroes


Love to play a fighting game!! Take a trial of Bit Heroes developed by Kongregate for iOS and Android. It is a role-playing game which the gamer needs to select the one character. As the game is consist of several characters and zones. Through the playing section, the gamer needs to make the team of strong creatures. If the player wants, then he/she can invite friends for several aspects. It is one of the naturals, and fun gameplay consists of nostalgia of old school days.

Most of the times a player will always try to earn a higher rate of gold, then they can use Bit Heroes Cheats for gaining higher rate of gold.

Tips and tricks

·         Make a strong team

In the entire playing section, the players are required to make a strong team of 100 strong creatures. As the player will get the best team, then he/she will easily win the game. If the team is strong, then he/she will easily compete for the battle.

·         Collection of weapons

For competing for the battle, the player needs to make a perfect collection of firearms. First of all, gamers need to collect gold, and after that, he/she can buy weapons.

·         Spend the currency wisely

In the entire playing section, the players are required to collect the currencies at a higher rate, but they need to spend the currency wisely.

Thus, these are some tips and tricks about the game. Try these tips and play the game for winning aspect. It is the best platform for fighting lover.

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