Game of Sultans – Ways To Be A Winner!


The answer is in yes. Of course, you can! When you play the Game of Sultans hack can be used to defeat your enemies and occupy their castle and palaces. It is as easy as you download the game from play store or Google. So, don’t miss the chance for our weekly blessed gift in the hack. It all seems too good to be true. It will be giving you direct access to many such resources of the game like grain, gold and soldiers. Not only this, but you also can build your empire and soldiers.

How to reach next levels?

  • In the game, when play you need to gain experience to level up. Level you up as directed way are written below:
    • Try to switch to champion mode of the game.
    • Use resources such as grain to recruit new soldiers.
    • Try to get the resources from imperial Parliament.
    • Try to pay attention to all the parts in order that you understand every aspect of the game.
    • Develop viziers, to do this you have to enhance badges. The badge can be collected from badge pack.
    • Consorts can manage the private life of Sultan so you get first consort in the beginning of the game.
    • Sultan visit will increase consort and intimacy.
    • By knowing about the different types of characters you can have a good command over the game.

Guide about war

From the beginning of the game, there is only campaign mode. Here, player has to fight against enemy castle’s king and capture their castle. With every progress, Sultan gain more experience. Vizier plays an important role to defeat the enemy king. So, appoint a strong vizier, but if you cannot then don’t feel shy to use Game of Sultan Hack.

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