Hay day: Game guide to play and hidden tricks to earn game currency


Hay day is an international game developed by Supercell. Supercell is famous for the two most popular games which are ‘Clash of clash’ and second is ‘Hay day.’ Hay day is a Farming game; in the framer grow his farm with all necessary resources. In the game, resources and currency are the most vital things. Diamonds and coins are the currency of this game. Diamonds are essential because they can finish anything instantly and rapidly. But diamonds are very rare and earn very hard. But Hay Day Hack can provide unlimited diamonds in-game.

Hay day tricks & tips

·         Diamonds are rare, use them wisely – At the beginning of the game, Supercell provides only 30 gems to use. But at begin of the game at time of tutorial they let you use one or two gems. But the diamonds are rare, so I prefer do not use it until you collect a lot of them. Let your crops upgrade in a genuine way with using diamonds.

·         Expend the production factories – Each production factory is different from others. Some are milk mill, and some are feed mill. These production mills are a great way to earn, and farmer can sell milk and products after making things from factories. After update those mills it will increase its working speed.

Link with Facebook to get Diamonds – It is also an easy way to earn diamonds. Otherwise, the Hay Day Hack is a right way to achieve diamonds. Link facebook accounts with Hay day ID. You can save your achievement with facebook. After the link with facebook account, you will allow playing with your facebook friends.

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